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My cinematic narrative film work, storyboarding shots, setting up lighting, and operating the camera are all showcased in these films.

The God Particle

Dir. David Murakami

God Particle– Drama. A film/theater hybrid. Cinematographer/Camera Operator. An explosion at the LHC may have produced the elusive Higgs Boson particle, otherwise known as the God Particle, but the two scientists attempting to discover it are killed. Using morally questionable tech, the remaining scientists use a machine to comb through the memories of the recently deceased in order to see what they discover.

Cinematic media accompanies live acting on stage.


Dir. Joe Bourekas

Primal-Thriller. Director. Writer. Cinematography/Camera Operator/Lighting Designer. Editor. A wallflower of a young man ekes by until becoming the victim of a mugging. Newfound attention and a sense of fear pushes him to listen to the primal call for violence.


On the Hunt

Dir. Joe Bourekas

On the Hunt-Thriller. Director. Writer. Cinematography/Camera Operation. Editor. A deadly forest surrounds our protagonist. Lost between time and space, is this a soldier recalling his hunting days to survive, or a hunter struggling to divorce his experience as a soldier from his now civilian life? The only thing constant is the forest.