Commercial Video Demo Reel

Commercial Video Reel from Joe Bourekas on Vimeo.

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This is a reel for the commercial work I did for the Symmetricom MarComm department. These videos were intended to educate potential customers on the value of the technically specific equipment as well as explaining the scientific principals that enabled the products to enhance user experience. Symmetricom has been bought out and is now owned by Microsemi.

Video Summaries
Symmetricom Animated Logo-A brief element I created using Adobe Photoshop as well as Adobe After Effects. I was only given a hi res JPEG of the Symmetricom Logo, and managed to disect the elements and then animate it in After Effects.

CSAC Production with Scott Rassoulian- A video made about the upgraded CSAC manufacturing process. This was made to showcase Symmetricoms ability to produce the proprietary CSAC product at high volume.

Two way Time Transfer with Chris Anderson- An unplanned video that was created when a window of opportunity was spontaneously presented. It explains the science behind the Symmetricom Two Way Timing system and the installation process.

TS3550 Installation with Albert Gonzalez- This is a quick video on the simple installation process behind the Symmetricom TS3550 system.

SDA Capabilities with Peter Cash-A value proposition video on Symmetricoms Space Defense and Avionics group. The difficulty behind this video lay in the proprietary secrecy about the SDA group. I could not show or reveal any ongoing products, but still find a way to keep viewer interest in the video.

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