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Opera Parallele Kickstarter

So I was asked to help produce, film, and edit a pitch video for a kickstarter campaign by Opera Parallele, a contemporary opera company based in San Francisco. The campaign to raise 7k to help fund production design was a major success. With 52 backers pledging a total of $7,600. The campaign can be found here: Opera Parallele Kickstarter. It was a fun project and Im glad they were able to succeed in their goal!

Little Violins

Dir. Evan Hartney

Little Violins-Faux Documentary.  One of three Cinematographers/Camera Operator. Follow the mute boy Jackson, and his fascination with capturing peoples’ stories for documentary purposes. Jackson sets the stage to capture the broad range of emotions that people are willing to share with someone who is only capable of listening.

The God Particle

Dir. David Murakami

God Particle– Drama. A film/theater hybrid. Cinematographer/Camera Operator. An explosion at the LHC may have produced the elusive Higgs Boson particle, otherwise known as the God Particle, but the two scientists attempting to discover it are killed. Using morally questionable tech, the remaining scientists use a machine to comb through the memories of the recently deceased in order to see what they discover.

Cinematic media accompanies live acting on stage.